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Friday, November 2, 2012

My Homemade Mocha Espresso Coffee Creamer

Yep, you heard it right!  Mocha Espresso Coffee Creamer!  And it was created by your's truly!  I just wanted to share this recipe that I made up because 1. It is waaaaay cheaper than store-bought.  2. It tastes waaaay better too.  And 3. You don't get all of that "stuff" in it that you can't pronounce on the label.  I was on a creamer making kick last winter and I have finally settled on the perfect chocolaty dairy creamer for me!  If you are interested take a try at my recipe below!

Warning: it is thick and frothy and 100% addictive.

Shabulous' Homemade Mocha Espresso Coffee Creamer

3 packets generic hot cocoa mix (gives it thickness and flavor)
1/2 qt half and half
3 tsp instant coffee (or 2 via packets from Starbucks)
1/2 teaspoon Vanilla flavor or extract
1 large mason jar with lid (or pitcher)


Combine all ingredients into mason jar or pitcher.
Place lid on and shake vigorously.
Mixture will look clumpy and thick.  That is okay.  Leave it in refrigerator overnight to set.  In the morning pull out container and shake vigorously.  Mixture should be thick and full and foamy inside container.
Pour generously into your cup of coffee. Add to taste.  Swizzle your spoon and you should have an amazing frothy highly caffinated morning treat!  Add a couple of marshmallows for added fun and indulgence!

Should keep at least 2 weeks.

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