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Friday, November 26, 2010

Holiday Collection

Holiday Collection

I decided to make another chandelier collection based on the upcoming holiday season. Each one struck me as perfect for this time of year! Please visit my shop for the perfectly unique gift for any girl (young or old)!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

New Chandelier Collection

It's a little late for the completion of my "The Wind Blowing In...Seaside Collection" considering that it is now November! But, hey! It's totally worth it and they all turned out great! My sister's name is Wendi. I named the collection after her. She lives in Panama City, FL and always coins herself in emails as "It's me, just the wind blowing in..." I thought that it was cute and creative so I turned it into a chandelier. I liked the way the first one turned out so I made a few more! I visit my friend in Anna Maria Island, FL and always visit my favorite shop, The Sand Dollar. I am always leaving there with great ideas and motivation! The shop is just so perfectly seaside! So, here are my feelings of the sea translated into light. I hope that you like them! Check all of them out in my shop!

The Wind Blowing In...Seaside Collection

Lori Nelson
Shabulous Creations
Atlanta, Georgia
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Friday, August 20, 2010

It's coming...FALL IS ALMOST HERE!!!

I am not kidding! Fall is my absolute flipping favorite time of year!!! I am so obsessed it starts the first week in September for me. My year round home decor is chocked full of browns, oranges, reds, tans, and natural fibers. I don't care- it makes me happy. So without further ado, I would like to introduce you to some very unique and interesting items I found while surfing Etsy.


Autumn Flowers Pillow Cover


Fall Fabric Leaves Bouquet


Fall Burlap Banner


Fall Decor Pillow


Golden Spice Flower


Coiled Fabric Basket


Actual Corn Husk Wreath


Autumn Vintage Candle Sticks


Candy Corn Whatnots


Actual Preserved Oak Leaf Wreath


I hope that you have enjoyed my collection of fun fall decor! I can't wait to go through my boxes! Get ready for autumn! Check out these great original items and surf Etsy for much more! Please visit my shabulous shop:


Shop: www.shabulouscreations.etsy.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/pages/Shabulous-Creations/272235227487
Blog: www.shabulouscreations.blogspot.com
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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Day by Day

Life is sooooooo overwhelming sometimes. It is getting harder and harder to stick to a schedule day to day. So much to do...so much to work on...so much to prepare for...so much to plan... juggling a family, business, moving, and wedding is crazy hard!!! I haven't blogged in FOREVER. I don't really know what to say other than through all of this going on, I have come out strong with my chandeliers. I am producing a good bit and am reaping the benefits! Thanks to all who are reading this and appreciate my work! You have no idea how much work and effort goes into each piece along with the other aspects of life. Maybe after October I can sit back and relax...doubt it but I'll push on. Thanks for the support!

Thanks for reading!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Was it really worth it?


As an artist and designer it can be a very daunting task to find new and different ways to reach customers. I participated in a local festival this month- the Geranium Festival in McDonough, GA. It was SO MUCH work! I had my friends, family, and even friends of friends involved in pulling it off! (side note: Thanks to all of those included in this diatribe!) Setting up at 12 midnight the night before and staying there until 3am prepping and primping my creations was trying to say the least. The 6am wake up the next morning was worst than the night before. And as the sun rose and its hot heat created a blanket of steam, the flood of people roared through the tent alleys. People came and people went. Women gushed over my girly frocks. Children pulled at the pretty dangling jewels that hung from anything between electric chandeliers to my cheery lime colored table cloths. My business cards seem to be flying away they were snatched up so fast! My feet hurt, my back was burnt from the sun, and my stomach was aching in anger for not eating since the day before. I don't know that I've ever talked so much in one day in my life!

Alas, the day was done. It was time to close up shop and pack away all that was left behind. The entire day was a haze. My brain could barely function and all my body wanted to do was collapse. As my family helped me pack-up I looked around, counted my earnings, and appreciated the fact that it took this ONE day of work to accomplish so much. Not only did I make a profit while at the show, but I somehow managed to get almost 300 business cards out there into the world.

I owe my family and friends so much gratitude for the amount of love, support, and encouragement that they have given me in the last two years trying to build this weird little business of mine into a true career. It is really happening and I could not do it without them.

It was a hard day. And there will be many of those to come. I may not know where to go from here, but I think that I am definitely moving in the right direction. Making a little extra money, getting my name out there, and gaining numerous new contacts and clients was not the only thing I can take away from this day, but I also gained a renewed sense of worth. People love my lamps. I'm obviously doing something right.

So I will press on and continue doing what makes me happy...

Please visit my Etsy shop at: www.shabulouscreations.etsy.com

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Playing Dress Up

I am adding a new installment to my blog periodically. It is called "Playing Dress Up". A lot of times I scan numerous sites for rooms with inspiration for my designs. I like to play on fun elements from all types of settings. From babies' rooms to outdoor patio areas, I can always come up with some kind of design that will shine with perfect harmony. Here, I am sharing some of my inspiration rooms combined with the lamps that I have created. This is actually pretty entertaining to me. I am so lame. I hope that you enjoy my imagination! Let me know what you think.

Playing Dress Up:

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Weddings On Etsy

I will be getting married in October of this year! My excitement is now starting to build. I can't help but search through Etsy for one-of-a-kind accessories, gifts, paper goods, and decorations. I thought I would share some of my finds with you. All of them are so unique! I love Etsy!!!

Check them out!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Shabulous Updates!!!

So I finally gave Shabulous Creations its own Facebook page! It took me forever. I do not have any fans yet but I'm trying to vamp it up before anyone gets a look at it. Find me at: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Shabulous-Creations . I will have a pretty good plethora of photos to look at of my lamps. Also, I will try to update through it with festival events and new listings! Please check it out when you get a chance.

Also, big news!!!

Shabulous Creations/Chandeliers is now hosted by the following websites:



Check them out! They are both adorable!

Everyone have a shabulous day!!!