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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Shabulous How To: DIY Firepot!

I have been enamored with these new trendy fire pots!  Sometimes they are called fire bowls.  They are so pretty AND practical when it comes to outdoor dining and entertaining.  I took cues from brands like the following and set out to make my own version without the hefty price tag.

So, here is my interpretation with the same function but a bit more pizzazz! If you have any questions on how to create just shoot me an email!  Good luck and have fun making your own trend-setting fire pot!

Shabulous DIY Fire Pot

Things you will need:
1 medium to large tiki torch
1 decorative pot or urn to fit
Fill dirt or sand
Decorative stones or pebbles
Small trowel

Step 1: Dis-assemble your tiki torch and pull the canister right out of the bamboo casing.  
Step 2: Fill your decorative pot with fill dirt or sand to a level that will hold your tiki canister level with the rim.
Step 3: Use one hand to hold the canister center and the other to fill the sides of the pot with your filling.  Press to compact as needed.
Step 4: Fill to a height just at the top of the canister leaving about a quarter of an inch at the top (where you will be placing your stones).
Step 5: Dust off any extra soil off the top to give it a finished look.
Step 6:  Place your stones in an attractive fashion along the top of the pot rim.
Step 7: Place in a safe spot and light for all of your company to see!