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Saturday, March 9, 2013

Princess For A Day...

Today, Shabulous Chandeliers was proud to sponsor one of the contestants in the 3rd Annual Locust Grove Mardi Growl parade and Dog Show- Nessie.  I just had to share our experience!  

This is Nessie.

She is a full-bred bassett hound around 7 years old.  I must give you a little background info on this beautiful beast.  The day we were moving in to our new home 2 years ago through pouring rain we opened the back door to see a head pop up out of the pre-existing kid's playhouse.  When did we get a basset hound?  Where did it come from and how is this possible?  The fence gate was locked and there were no holes in or out.  So, the suckers that we are, are now the proud owners of the ugliest dog you will ever see in.  There are several theories on her place of origin but we are still baffled.  My favorite is that she is an alien from the faraway planet Derp.  (hence her knickname, Derp).  Or she may be an ill-evolved monster from Lake Lock Ness (hence her actual name, Nessie). 

She may be the most mentally challenged dog in the state of Georgia.  Nevertheless, she is sweet, and silly, and full of personality!  I hope you enjoy our picture story of her big day!  As you can see she earned her title appropriately.  She won!

Working it

Best Personality goes to: The Lock Ness Monster- NESSIE!!!

Contestant: #27
Nessie Nelson(AKA Derp)
Talents: Destruction of all things fuzzy, digging holes, eating dirt, running into walls, slobbering, and tripping humans.
Hobbies: Eating 16" frozen pizzas whole (box and all), consuming 3lbs of pretzels in one sitting, filling the garage with 2lbs of flour out of boredom, lapping up spilt peroxide, flinging boxes of plastic cutlery in a 20 foot radius for fun.

Waiting her turn for the judges

Taking a break from the paprazzi
Her first price for people's choice!
Rooting through her goodies for Best Personality!
Nessie in all her glory

She had a lot of fun and met lots of friends.  She is now pooped.  Poor ugly little Nessie was a pricess for a day...