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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Fashion...A secret in the True Life of Lori Nelson


Here's the inside scoop to the real me... For those who actually know me in my day-to-day life, most are actually shocked (I mean jaw dropping shocked) when I show up somewhere in a dress.  My "offline" personality is rather, shall we say, laid back.  My favorite outfit is a pair of worn soccer shorts and my favorite light weight t-shirt.  Throughout ALL seasons of the year I will be wearing flip-flops.  You never know when you may need to jump out of the car and start playing soccer at some random soccer field you spot!  I don't wear make-up, and I cannot wear jewelry (without major fidgeting).  However, and this is a BIG however, I do have a closet fashionista deep inside.  I can hardly believe it myself.  But some part of me truly wishes that I had a couture wardrobe.  After several office/marketing bit jobs galavanting in front of the general public, the constant pant suit started to reallllly get to me.  After the lay-offs and my miraculous new at-home career, you will NEVER see me in a pant suit again- hence the shorts and t-shirt.  But there are times, very rare, when I like to look my best and get all gussied up and hope that my husband looks at me extra long that night.  And I feel great and that's all I need.

So in lieu of this behind the scenes of Lori's inner girly girl, I give you the top 10 countdown of my favorite dress designers on Etsy.  (even though there are sooo many more that I haven't even found yet)  These women are truly talented.  They are from all different genres of all different style types...and apparently I like black and red.  I didn't even realize that until I posted them.  Hmm.  I know it's not my thing but I just had to bring them to your attention.  Maybe next time I'll post about shoes!  Who knows!

Find it HERE

Find it HERE

Find it HERE

Find it HERE

Find it HERE

Find it HERE

Find it HERE

Find it HERE

Find it HERE

Find it HERE
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